Tax-Exempt Bonds

Non-profit corporations have borrowed money using tax-exempt bonds for many years. Previously dominated by large hospitals and universities, now virtually every type and size non-profit is borrowing on a tax-exempt basis.  The expanded use of tax-exempt financing has been spurred by increasing demand for facilities, sector competition, better understanding of the benefits of tax-exempt financing and greater market acceptance of the credit-related realities of many non-profit entities.

Because tax-exempt bonds exempt from federal taxes (and in some cases state taxes), tax-exempt bonds usually offer the lowest cost alternative for large capital projects.  Tax-exempt bonds can be sold into the capital markets or directly to your bank or another financial institution.

Wye River’s professionals are experts in competitive and negotiated sales of tax-exempt bonds. Over the past 25 years, we have completed more than 500 tax-exempt financings totaling over $25 billion. As an independent financial advisor, we work exclusively for our clients and accept no compensation or consideration from any party but our clients. Our advice is completely objective at all times and our transactions are streamlined as much as possible to help reduce transaction-related costs.

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