Investment Advisory

The management of institutional assets has never been more challenging and the spotlight on fiduciaries has never shined brighter. Coping with those challenges requires deliberate planning and trust in the knowledge and experience of a dedicated advisory team.

Wye River’s investment advisory practice was formed to provide world-class services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our low client-to-consultant ratio ensures that you will receive highly tailored and dedicated service at all times.


Wye River focuses on our clients’ individual objectives and applies time-tested investment theses to help achieve long-term financial success. Our collaborative advisory process ensures fully-informed decisions at each stage of the advisory process. We take a disciplined approach in serving each client and we address our clients’ needs and goals with high-quality analytics. We strive to keep investment management costs low and to provide our services on a highly-economical basis.

For our non-profit and public sector clients, Wye River provides comprehensive solutions for the investment of project-related (construction funds, capitalized interest funds, debt service reserve funds, etc.) and general public funds. Our services include the development of customized investment portfolios, the competitive bidding of direct investments and structured products such as GICs, and Repos and the structuring of escrows for refunding bond issues.

Range of Services

Wye River offers our clients a comprehensive suite of investment advisory services including investment planning, asset allocation, manager and fund selection and performance monitoring. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and our rigorous analytical framework supports the unique investment and organizational challenges of each of our clients.

We believe that asset allocation is core to an effective investment advisory process. Our professionals emphasize policy-based portfolio decisions over market timing and security selection activities and develop efficient portfolios tailored to your organization’s risk profile, performance goals and spending and liquidity requirements.

For organizations that prefer index-based strategies, we help to identify funds with criteria that is highly correlated to each of your asset class selections and with track records that align with the targeted rate of return of your portfolio.


We follow a 4-step advisory process which includes client assessment, portfolio assessment, portfolio optimization and portfolio monitoring. Understanding your organization’s objectives is crucial to the development of an effective Investment Policy which address issues such as expected rate of return, spending and liquidity requirements, risk tolerance, passive or active investment strategies and specific requirements for the investment of funds (such as sustainable, responsible and impact investing objectives).


  • World-class services in an efficient and low-cost manner
  • Effective asset allocation strategies
  • Dedicated focus on client objectives
  • Complete transparency at all times

Guiding Principles

  • The client’s business and mission are its core focus. Active management by “insiders” and board members should be kept to a minimum
  • Excessive risk taking should be avoided. Unless managing a relatively large  and diversified portfolio, avoid hedge funds and other illiquid investments
  • Risk tolerance should be quantified and documented early in the planning process and investment and asset allocations should be consistent with risk tolerance
  • All else being equal, avoid investments with high fees

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