Philosophy & Guiding Principles


  • World-class investment advisory services in an efficient and low-cost manner
  • Superior results through dedicated focus on client objectives
  • Complete transparency at all times
  • Effective asset allocation strategies
  • Excellence in client service

Guiding Principles

  • Client business and mission are its core focus.  Active management of investment portfolio by “insiders” and board members should be kept to a minimum
  • Excessive risk taking should be avoided. Expectations of sustained levels of high return are unrealistic
  • Risk tolerance should be quantified and documented early in the process.  Choice of investment and asset allocations should be consistent with prescribed level of risk tolerance
  • All else being equal, avoid investments with high fees and trading costs
  • Spending policy, investment time horizon and liquidity needs are paramount.  Unless managing a large portfolio, avoid hedge funds and other illiquid investments.

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