Investment Manager Services

Investment Manager Search

Our search process focuses on identifying Investment Managers and Funds with stable management, a history of strong performance and risk controls and a defined investment process.  As an independent advisory firm, Wye River does not have any affiliations or arrangements with financial institutions or investment managers.

For those organizations that prefer index-based investing strategies, we help to identify index funds whose criteria are highly correlated to each of your asset class selections and whose performance records align with the targeted performance of your portfolio.

Investment Manager Evaluation & Due Diligence

Manager due diligence is a time-intensive and ongoing process. We routinely conduct manager outreach to assess on-site operations and review performance and portfolio holdings. We look at staff turnover, IT operations and the alignment of the manager’s compensation model to its investing strategies and historical performance.  All of this data is aggregated, analyzed and stored for the benefit of our investment advisory clients.


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