Derivative Advisory

Wye River has substantial experience structuring and implementing transactions involving a variety of derivative products including interest rate swaps, caps, collars and options.  These financial instruments can be used to help a borrower achieve a specific financial objective or to limit its financial exposure to a specific type of financing risk.

As an independent advisory firm, we maintain no allegiances with investment banks, commercial banks or other derivative counterparties that operate in this sector of the financial markets.  We also do not act in a principal or broker-dealer capacity for any of our derivative advisory clients.  This assures completely objective and unbiased advice at all times.  Our experience, technology and access to market resources ensures the most competitive pricing possible for our clients’ transactions.

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30-Day LIBOR 2.52%
Rev Bond Index 4.70%
30 Year MMD 3.10%
10 Year UST 2.72%
Baa Corporate 5.11%
Aaa Corporate 3.87%

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