Wye River counts among its clients various early stage, middle market and public companies. As financial advisors, we are particularly focused on helping companies in transition. This includes early stage companies with compelling business plans in need of equity financing, established companies adapting for the next stage of growth requiring debt or equity financing, companies positioning to go public and companies seeking growth through acquisition or liquidity by being acquired.

Range of Services

Our professionals have extensive experience providing general advisory services including fairness opinions and valuations, strategic planning, joint venture analysis and advice, capital restructuring analysis, management buyouts and due diligence services. Wye River has assisted companies through mergers and acquisitions providing business valuations, identification of potential buyers and acquisition candidates, merger, sale and divestiture analysis, auction support services and preparation of Offering Memoranda. Our range of service also comprises all facets of capital formation, including equity sourcing, placement of corporate and project debt and venture secured equipment leasing.

Sector Expertise

Wye River’s professionals have a deep and broad knowledge base and expertise in the Healthcare, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Retail sectors. We have worked with a range of companies from medical technology, managed and long term care clients, electronic commerce and wireless technologies companies, to online retailers and food services clients. Contact us today to learn more about our experience in your industry.

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