Advisory Process

Understanding your organization’s objectives drives the development of your formal Investment Policy Statement which is the governance framework for all decisions regarding our organization’s investment portfolio:

  • What is your expected rate of return?
  • What are your spending requirements?
  • What are your return and liquidity requirements?
  • What is your tax status?
  • What is your tolerance for risk?
  • Do you prefer passive or active investment management?
  • What is the time horizon of your investments?
  • Do you have specific investing requirements (socially-responsible, religious)?


Wye River follows a 4-step advisory process for each of our clients:

  1. Client Assessment
    The first step in our advisory process is one-on-one meetings to gain an understanding of your organization’s history and background, mission, short and long-term goals and any special requirements or needs.    
  2. Portfolio Assessment
    Once we have conducted an initial assessment of your organization’s objectives, we review and/or develop an Investment Policy Statement. We conduct rigorous due diligence – both quantitatively and qualitatively—of your existing portfolio assessing your portfolio’s time and dollar weighted returns relative to its benchmarks, Investment Policy Statement, current asset allocation and risk profile.
  3. Portfolio Optimization
    Using the information above, we then develop an optimal portfolio based your financial requirements including liquidity, risk, investment horizon, cash flow requirements, tax implications, return objectives and social or religious considerations.   
  4. Portfolio Monitoring
    At Wye River, we believe that the preservation of capital is paramount. We routinely monitor your portfolio performance and investment allocation strategies to ensure the safeguarding of your organization’s investments and the compliance with any required financial covenants.

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